We will attend the following events:

CPHI  Japan  2020             

Date: 30 Sept. 2 Oct.  2020      

Tokyo  Japan


CPHI   India   2020           

Date :  25-27 November 2020   

Delhi NCR  India   

Certificate of Quality
Address: 8 Floor, Building E , Himalayas Centre, No.8 Mingcheng Avenue. Nanjing, China
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About us
Nanjing Zhongnuo Limited  is  a leading  company which  focus on the fruit comprehensive processing  and Biological Fermentatation in China,  There are 4 plants which located in Anhui  ,Henan, Ningxia  and Shanxi for Apple jucie concentrate,  Pear  juice concentrate and Goji berry juice concentrate .
In Biological Fermentatation, our products including , ε-Polylysine DL-Malic Acid ,L-Malic Acid, L-Tartaric Acid, Natamycin , Pullulan, Soybean Lecithin series, Xanthan  Gum  and Vitamin  series. These products widely used in food industrials,  dietary supplements , nutriceuticals, comspeicals and pharmaceuticals.
In Natural pigments Our product including Beta-carotene, Lutein, Marigold Oleoresin, Lycopen and Phycocyanin. These products widely used in Beverages and juice, Foods,  Cosmetics , Pharmaceuticals, and  health care products.
We devote ourselves to keeping food safety with foodstuffs knowledge and technology,adhere to pri nciples of “ win by quality , credit by sincerity ”and
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