About us
About us

Nanjing Zhongnuo Limited  is  a leading  company which  focus on the fruit comprehensive processing  and Biological Fermentatation in China,  There are 4 plants which located in Anhui  ,Henan, Ningxia  and Shanxi for Apple jucie concentrate,  Pear  juice concentrate and Goji berry juice concentrate .

In Biological Fermentatation, our products including , ε-Polylysine DL-Malic Acid ,L-Malic Acid, L-Tartaric Acid, Natamycin , Pullulan, Soybean Lecithin series, Xanthan  Gum  and Vitamin  series. These products widely used in food industrials,  dietary supplements , nutriceuticals, comspeicals and pharmaceuticals.

In Natural pigments Our product including Beta-carotene, Lutein, Marigold Oleoresin, Lycopen and Phycocyanin. These products widely used in Beverages and juice, Foods,  Cosmetics , Pharmaceuticals, and  health care products.

We devote ourselves to keeping food safety with foodstuffs knowledge and technology,adhere to pri nciples of “ win by quality , credit by sincerity ”and creating sustainable development strategy make the life for people around the world become more happy、healthier and safer.
We seriously implement the strategy of resource、market and internationalization, pay more attention to science and technology innovation, management innovation and improve the quality of the team. build a strong international competitive company in food industry, Reassure people from around the world use our products happily and enjoy our services.

We strongly believe: customers are our valuable partner in market, growing with them is our service motivation. Satisfying their requirements is our unswerving primary assignment.

Quality, Safety, High efficiency and environment protecting responsible care permeate the entire process of R&D, manufacturing and marketing.

Harmonious developing with the environment protecting is our social responsibility


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