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DL-malic acid

DL-malic acid


Basic Properties: 

Molecular Formula: C4H6O5   Molecular Weight4.08864;  CAS: 617-48-1

DL-malic acid is stable under normal circumstances, the humidity is high hygroscopicity. Three of the crystal white crystals. The melting point is 130 ℃; the relative density is 1.601; solubility: soluble in methanol, ethanol, acetone and many other polar solvents.






Arsenic (As) PM


Specific rotation [α]D20


Fumaric acid         


Maleic acid    


Heavy metal (Pb) ppm


Water insoluble   


Residue on ignition   


As sour agent for soft drinks (pure cool drinks, soft drinks, concentrated powder soft drinks, lactic acid bacteria beverages, milk beverages, soft drinks, cola drinks), sour agent for  food (fruit syrup, ice cream), sour agent for essing food (chewing gum, fruit sugar, fruit sauce, tomato, orange peel jam, soy sauce, vinegar, fruit wine, mayonnaise, margarine), antacids, fruit beverage color retention agent, preservative (emulsifying stabilizer mayonnaise.). Also used in pharmaceuticals


Packaging and storage:

25KG composite bag lined with polyethylene bags, 20 container can hold 17 tons (wit pallets) or 19 tons (without pallet). Protect form light, dry, cool place  

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