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Fruits Juice Concentrates
Deionized Apple Juice Concentrate
Basic Properties

Clear colorless transparency ,no visible impurity or suspended substance, Golden yellow to dark brown after long standing time. When dilute to 11.5 Brix, it should be with natural fresh apple fragrance and flavor, without other special smell.

Physicochemical Specifications



Soluble solids(refraction at20)  Brix


Titration Acid(as malic acid, titrate to end point PH=8.1)  %


Transmittance(625nm)  T%


Color(440nm)  T%


Turbidity  NTU


Fumaric acid mg/L


Lumaric acid mg/L


HMF mg/L


Ethanol  g/Kg


Other items except soluble solids, titration acid and ethanol are tested in 11.5 Brix.

Sanitation Specifications



Patulin  ug/Kg


Plumbum and its compound(as Pb)  mg/Kg


Arsenic and its compound(as As)  mg/Kg


Copper and its compound(as Cu)  mg/Kg


TPC  cfu/ml


Coliform  MPN/ml


Pathogenic Bacteria

Not Detected

Mold & Yeast  cfu/ml


TAB  Cfu/10ml


Other items except TPC, Coliform, Pathogenic bacteria, Mold and Yeast are tested in 11.5 Brix.

Shelf Life & Storage :18 months @ Temperature 0-4

 Packaging: 275kg/Drum  22 MT in Flexi tank or ISO tank

Pesticide Residues: The maximum pesticide residues should comply with the laws and regulations in each trading side.

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