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Basic Properties:

 Molecular Formula: C4H10O4  Molecular Weight: 122.12.  CAS: 149-32-6

 White crystalline powder, slightly sweet, 0.65 relative sweetness. Have cool and refreshing feeling. Low heat, about sucrose calorific value 1/10. Soluble in water (37%, 25 ℃), due to low solubility (compared with sucrose), easy to crystallization, is suitable for sucrose taste of food, such as chocolate and table sugar. Don't be enzymatic degradation, only through the kidney (easily absorbed by the small intestine) discharged from the blood in the urine to, do not participate in the changes in glucose metabolism and blood glucose in patients with diabetes, it is suitable for food. In the colon without fermentation, can prevent stomach discomfort. No caries. The melting point of 126 DEG C, the boiling point of 329  331 ℃.





The content of (C4H10O4) /%


Ribitol and glycerol content /%


Heavy metal (as Pb) /ppm


Residue on ignition /%


Loss on drying /%


Reducing sugar (glucose meter /%)


The pH value (30% aqueous solution)



Erythritol is a new type of nutritive sweetener, is characterized by good thermal stability, low hygroscopic, the freezing point is low, its application is very extensive, such as food, medicine, cosmetics, chemical and many other aspects. Low calorie sweetener; high sweetness agent and diluent. Suitable for patients with diabetes mellitus, can replace the sucrose into health food, low calorific value.


Packaging and storage25 kg / bag

Storage: storage in the shade to dry, clean. The shelf life is two years. Air, sea and land, there is no specific requirement.


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